Bonjour! It was a nice Sunday for working hard in the morning and free for the afternoon. It also nice for a big mug of coffee after having a big bf for lunch!

Work hard in the morning

Say ‘good morning, students’ at 10 a.m. and say goodbye to the teacher at 12. While I was teaching, my producer and director and cameraman boyfriend edited the episode 2 video for What The Food. We worked hard in the morning to be sure the VDO will be on time for next Wednesday on our YouTube channel.

Large BF for lunch

This BF is for breakfast, not boyfriend, lol. It was raining for one hour after I finished the class. So, our lunch was super late. It’s almost 2 pm when we arrived at Retox Outback for lunch. I’m super hungry. So, I asked for the Large Breakfast with a big cup of tea. we usually come for Retox’s breakfast at lunchtime because it’s good, fast and cheap.

1 liter of Iced Mocha

We have just had a cup of hot tea but it’s Sunday. So, we need to go for a mocha. Today’s coffee is at Suriya Land, a Japanese shop on Sukhumvit Road. They serve coffee in a big heavy mug. I feel like I have 1 liter of Iced Mocha and it should be nice for this afternoon to help me sleep better, lol.

50% off in Japanese Shop

Just like every time, we walk around in a Japanese shop after we finish coffee. There are many cool things to see. This is a good time for buying because of the 50% discount season. Suriya Land is a nice place. It seems a bit messy but it’s always good for pictures.

Anyway, I really like this chair!

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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