Bonjour! Today is a slow life day. Nothing much to do because it’s Sunday. We went to lunch, dinner, and checked new house like every day. Nothing interesting and I didn’t take my camera, so no photo today.

Lunch but no photo

I woke up with a little backache this morning. After finished my breakfast, just lied on the sofa and read a book. Morning seems very slow. After a while, I got up, had a shower, and go to lunch with a slow mode. We went to Loft Pub & Restaurant by the lake. It was lunch but we ordered breakfast instead. I had an omelet with cheese and ham. It was good like always but I shoot no photo.

No any photo of the house

Then we went to our new house. There was nobody working, it’s day off. I thought it will finish soon but I found another problem with a kitchen, water is leaking. When will our house finish???

Actually, there are many many works to do in a house and we need to check every single spot nicely.

Still no photo for dinner

I have called the kitchen to complain about the installation but nobody calls me back. So, I went to the shop and ask them to come to check tomorrow at 9 am. After we did little shopping at Big C, then have dinner around there. Nothing amazing today, it’s just another waiting and boring day.

I would like to learn to take a photo. Normally, I take my camera with me whenever we go or take with phone sometimes but today I’m not in a mood for any picture. It’s not good for me who want to be better at shooting. I need to practice more and more. I hope I will have some good picture to show by tomorrow.

Au revoir, See you tomorrow.


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