Bonjour! Before we went to Xiaomi Store yesterday, we came from the garden of stars which is far from our hotel. We walked from Yau Ma Tei station, where we stay, to The old temple, to the Rosary church, clock tower, and took Subway back. That was far and my leg was killing me last night.

I killed my legs in Hong Kong

We do not really walk much when we’re at home, we take a Motorbike or car all the time. Each time on our holiday is the time to kill our legs. As we live in Pattaya, Thailand, it’s a holiday place. So, on our holiday, we should have some stress. lol.

Tin Hua Temple, Yau Ma Tei

Yesterday, we began our journey from Yau Ma Tei station around 1 pm in the afternoon. There is a Chinese temple nearby where we have already visited since last time in Hong Kong. I would like to go to pray and make a wish, so we walked for 10 minutes there. It is Tin Hua Temple, the traditional Chinese temple. It’s not a tourist place. Inside the temple is very peaceful. There are people come to worship in peace. I would like to follow the instruction like the others but I can’t read Chinese. As I’m a Buddism, I did it my way in front of the worship table as Greg who is a Christian. I believe we all could have a blessed from all god and holy spirit from all religions.

Rosary Chuch

After the blessing, we see a beautiful picture of a church, not far from Tin Hua Temple. We walked around 1.3 kilometers, following the Google Map. Then, we arrived at the Rosary Chuch. It’s a beautiful church in pink.  We would like to enter but there were many people doing the ceremony inside. After took some pictures from outside, we decided to continue.


Garden of Stars

We followed the road to the Avenue of Stars where there is Bruce Lee Statue stands there. We stopped at the Garden of Stars to take a look and then we saw the Bruce Lee standing in this garden. After strolling and shooting photos around, we thought they have moved the Avenue  Stars to the Garden of Stars instead. I was not sure but I couldn’t access to the Avenue Stars as they wrote in the Google map, it’s an instruction site.


The Clock Tower

We kept walking to the clock tower and it was a good time for taking pictures. The sun was about to go down. It was beautiful. I would like to watch the famous light show, the symphony of light, but it was too early and we were very tired. We decided to go back to the hotel by MTR, I couldn’t walk anymore. Unfortunately, the station was very far and Crowded with people. So…we went to the Ladies Market again…to WALK. Keep Walking, you will never walk alone…in Hong Kong. ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow.

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