Bonjour! It has been 6 days away from the blog because of a little technical problem happen. It has already solved, thank you to Greg and his friends for the kindness. For the last 6 days, there are so many things happen.

The boys are out of the cave

The news which most of the people in Thailand and many countries around the world kept up was the boys in the cave. All of them, the lost boys and the rescue team, are out of the cave safely. Thank you to all generous people to help them pass this hard situation.  It was a hard time but it shows us a very beautiful story.

They could not make it in Phuket

From North of Thailand down to the southern, 2 tourist boats were sunk in Phuket. It was a rainstorm which causes the unfriendly wave for tourist group. Many tourists on the two boats. One was helped in time while another couldn’t make it. Many of them drowning.

It is a tragedy that no one wants to happen. They were tourists who came to spend time by the beautiful nature.  It should be their happiness trip. It should not be the sadness for their family. I have no word to say, I’m really sorry for their loss.

Pray for Japan

Another bad time is now in Japan, that is really tough for them. I’ve seen pictures and videos from Japan, it’s a huge flood. Many people lost their homes and many are still missing. Finding people who are lost or even try to save the lives in this situation is very difficult. In this situation, we can just keep up with the news and pray for them to be safe.

Stay strong for all

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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