Bonjour! Reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out- Pam Allyn. If you do not breathe in, you will not breathe out.

I am a reader

I am a reader, not an addict but I have read a lot. I love to read since I was young. I usually read at least 1 book a month, sometimes 2 or more. A bookstore is my second favorite place after a coffee shop.  I always put 1 book on my shopping list.

A book a month

I did not buy any book for 2 months after I bought 14 books from Book Buffet last time. I still have many on my must-have list but I think I should finish all I have first. I have planned to finish all by the end of this year so that I can start to have a new one in my collection. It seems like a plan but it comes with a problem.

After the Book Buffet

My problem is I read nothing for almost 2 months. After the Book Buffet, I have just finished 1 book and take a break for too long.  Two months without reading is super long time for me.  I couldn’t say I’m busy because I have 24 hours as same as everybody. But I have no idea why can’t I read for the last 2 months.

Back on track

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As they say, reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out. I see how it works now.  I did not read but I keep writing on my blog even not every day but it is more than the time I’ve spent on reading. I realize I lack of idea now. It took me a while to think about my topic every day. Sometimes, I fell like I have nothing in my head, it’s empty. When I start to write, I’m stuck. I couldn’t find my word.

It’s time to get back on track, I should start to read again as soon as possible. I hope my writing will be better.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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