Bonjour! Sunday is a fun day. Teaching and chatting with my girls in the morning, going out for lunch, an hour napping after, swimming, and ending with Jambon at home.  This is a nice Sunday ever.

Sunday is a Funday

I have class only weekends from 10:00-12:00 in the morning. It’s a private lesson at home. On Saturdays, I have 4 students, 3 girls, and 1 boy. On Sundays, another 3 girls on board.  Besides teaching and studying, we have girls chatting about school, friend, teacher, and fashion. It was fun talking with them, my girls. 🙂

Ep.2: Sunday is a Fun day

Teacher off duty at 12:00, Gookpix is back, lol. Gookpix took a nap after lunch but the teacher can’t do it at school, lol.  Gookpix went swimming and read ‘Let it snow‘ by the pool. Then, went out for coffee but ordered chocolate milkshake instead. It is Sunday and it is a fun day.

Why is Red Sunday?

Sunday is red, it is in a lesson since I was young but nothing related to my topic. I said Red Sunday because I wore a red T-shirt today. Is it necessary to wear red on Sunday? No, it is a proper t-shirt I have left in my wardrobe. As you know, or not, I sell t-shirt on our website Our first collection is “Suck my Duck” and many collections which you can check on the website, Please!!!


I chose this t-shirt from the 2 options I have left, another one is a grey t-shirt with “Suck my Duck” on it. Having a class with students this morning, wearing Gewek logo should be better than another one, lol.  In fact, I wear t-shirts from Gewek brand 7 days a week, this brand is the best. ^^

Once again, visit us at, check and get a t-shirt. Thank you for your support ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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