Bonjour! How are you today? I was running with a unicorn in the lavender field this evening. I was great at first but we could not get along well even she is so cute.

How I met a unicorn?

While I was persuading my boyfriend, Greg, to have donuts because I have 50 baht discount coupon, we saw a pretty advertisement in front of another shop.  After trying to say no no no to donuts for a while, Greg couldn’t stand for a cute creature, lol.

Cute little unicorn


So, we walked inside an ice cream cafe, Swensen. Right on the menu in front of my face is a cute Bingsu which looks like a unicorn, what do you think?  It’s cute, isn’t it! Actually, Bingsu is not my favorite but I couldn’t stand for how it looks. So, I took that cute little thing.

It was cute but ….

Here is my little creature! So cute! It looks so cute but its taste didn’t cute at all. In my cup, there is only one ice cream which I couldn’t explain how it tasted and all in the cup is just the ice. the best part is marshmallow which tastes as same as other marshmallows.

When you see something that looks so good, it doesn’t mean they are really good. Anyway, my little unicorn is so pretty for the picture. lol.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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