Bonjour! The news which we, Thai people, follow for 2 days is a mission to find the 12 youth soccer player team and their coach who was trapped inside a cave in Chiang Rai. It’s more than 48 hours. We hope they will find them very soon.

After finishing their weekly training, the 12 young boys, with13-15 years old, and their coach, 25 years old man, went to a cave nearby ‘Luang Khun Nang Non Cave’ in Chiang Rai province, on Saturday afternoon. Later that evening, the park officer spotted their bikes outside the cave when they are about the close the park. The soccer team still inside, believed they were trapped by a flood caused by a heavy rainstorm.

The officers and rescue teams were searching all night to rescue the lost boys.  Shoes and bags were found 3 kilometers from the entrance but no sight of the soccer team. The way down there was covered with water and sand because of the rainstorm and water come from the mountain. It was a difficult mission to get inside, every team has done their best for this recuse mission.

Later on that day, Thai Navy SEALs was called for the mission from Sattahip, Thailand. The SEALs arrived at Chiang Rai at 2 am and started the mission at 5 am. The first team had dived into the five-meter-deep water to reach one of the tunnels to the cave. Hours and hours later, among the rapids and turbid water, the first team has reached the hall. No sight for the lost soccer team, but they have found their footprints and phone, it is believed that they are still alive.

The hall lies 7 km. from the entrance and the challenge is some of the journeys is under deep water. The second team was sent again inside but after 5 pm the water level got higher and the mission has to stop an hour later.

I have been reading the update news from the rescues the whole day as same as many of Thai people. We hope they will found the lost soccer team soon. It has been 2 days already, without food and less oxygen inside the cave, the boys and the rescue team must be very tired. We can just keep up with the news and wishes for both, the soccer team and the rescue team will be safe.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow.


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Leticia Byman · 19 September 2018 at 15 h 17 min

I view something truly special in this web site.

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