Bonjour! Saturday afternoon is a nice time for walking in a park. So, we went to The Million Years Stone and Crocodile Farm in Pattaya, Thailand.

I have a private class with my students in the morning from 10 to 12. After class, we went to lunch at Taco House near our house, then heading to The Million Years Stone Park.

It is only 3 kilometer from home. After buying the ticket, we enter the stone park.  As the name ‘ Million Years Stone’, the first thing you will see in the park is Petrified Wood. There are so many stones around the park.  I have no idea they named the park after the Petrified Wood or maybe after the millions of rock here.

Besides the stone park, there are wild animals in this place kept the strong cage, tigers, bears, and crocodiles. There is also friendly animal like birds, elephants, horses, and giraffes. In Pattaya, people called this park ‘Crocodiles farm’ and they mean it. There are so many crocodiles here, thousands of them. I think they kept all kinds of crocodiles here.

In the Crocodiles Farm, they have a crocodile show almost every 2 hours. The show is as same as on Youtube if you search ‘crocodile show in Thailand. The man, I don’t know how to call him: he trained those crocodiles, will kiss crocodile, put his hand and head in their mouth. I have seen this on video many times, and watch the show 2 times already. But it is still frightened.

A tip for the ticket if you would like to visit this place or any places in Thailand, there are 2 different prices for Thai people and for a foreigner. For Thai must be cheaper, of course. If you are a foreigner who is living in Thailand and have a Thai driving license, you can show your driving license and can have the same price as Thai.

The Park and the crocodile show were good to spend your free afternoon. Anyway, the animals here are still wild, be careful of your children and yourself to not get to close to the cage or teasing them. One last thing, the park smells NOT like perfume.

Au revoir & See you tomorrow


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