Bonjour!  I don’t really have time to think about the past and I don’t want to. Whatever happens in my life, I just let it go and move on.  Except for this guy, Somtum, I couldn’t help myself not to think about him.

Somtum is always in my mind

I always busy doing many things. So, I don’t really have time to think about anything. It’s good when I have a rough time because I will do something else instead of depressed with the rough things.  On one will be on my mind for long except one guy. Whatever I do, wherever I go, whoever I be with, I will always think about him, my lovely Somtum.

We fall for the same man.

I’m not only one who falls for him, my friends fall for him as well.  SO, when we decide to meet, Somtum is always on the lists, mostly it was on top of our lists. Like today, I had met my teacher friends, I was a teacher in the school before I decided to quit to work for myself, and we went to our favorite place behind the school. It’s Somtom or spicy papaya salad.

Since I was a school teacher

When I was a school teacher, we, my teacher friends and I, were always out for him once a week at the vendor behind our school at lunchtime. Sometimes, we went after school or even on weekend. Is there only this menu around the school? Noooo, there are so many choices but we all fall in love with him.

Papaya Salad is my favorite food of all time. Since I was young, I’ve eaten this menu. I have this menu at least once a week. I can have it every day, three times a day if possible. But I think it’s not good to have only one menu for a long time. Actually, I still love to eat and taste many kinds of food. If I have only papaya salad, it’s not fair for my stomach. lol.

Have you ever try Somtom? How was it? Do you like it?

Au revoir & see you tomorrow.


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