Bonjour! Keep calm and …… is the popular quote you can see in a coffee shop’ wall. It seems easy to stay calm when you are fine. When you are not, keep calm is the last thing you can or want to do.

Stay calm

I have been dealing with the process of a detailed my house with the staffs of the community. It took so long since the beginning with the last staffs who took care of my case. Things have happened but not in a good way. Then I asked for a new staff and thing seems better and faster.

She told me the plan for house detailed and we agreed. The first team was sent to do the work at my house last Friday and pause on a weekend because I have requested. They’re going to work on Monday. But nobody comes. I called the stuff and I was told to wait for another team from outsourcing which will come tomorrow. Without no reason why nobody comes to finish their work at my house.

What’s an……!

Tuesday afternoon, they came to check what needs to be done and make an appointment for tomorrow at 8 am. On Wednesday, nobody showed up at 8 am. I waited until 9 and call the staff who has thought the worker come to my house already.  After she made a call at 9, the outsourced worker showed up at 10, what’s the…..

the outsourced claimed that they worked with many houses and did a very good job before. Somebody just good at speaking, huh. Their work turned out to a not good at all work and they do not follow by the plan we have made with the stuff of this project. This group came to work at 10 am which is 2 hrs late and leave at 4:20 pm which is 1 hrs earlier than normal.  They left without cleaning their work spot.

This morning they show up at 9:20, still late, then they came to me at 10 and said they’re leaving to work in another house now and rushed out. Leaving a big mess in my house and leave without any explanation, how on earth can I stay calm? What an idiot!

Anger up high

I called the manager with my anger reach to 100 percent, I am not happy with it. Then she sent somebody to talk to me and promise he will take care of my case himself. He explained why they sent the outsourced to me, They thought the outsourced team seems to work better and faster than the workers they have. Because my case is very late, they want to make it right. But thing turned down. When he checked on the work outsource has done, he said that better not have them anymore.

When I have been through the disappointing situation without any good explanation, it hard to keep myself calm. In this case, I had anger all morning when none of them can explain what happens and give me a better solution. I’m not able to do anything, just sit down and try to keep calm as much as I could.

Anyway, things seem to happen well after we have talked and made an agreement about this. The first team was sent back to work with somebody come to check on every process. I hope all will go well with the new promise.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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