Bonjour! Something happened to me last night, It was scary. I prayed to Buddha because I’m Buddism. Then I realized I forgot to put Buddha shelf at home.  What should I do?

Buddism usually has Buddha shelf

In Buddhism, we believe there are spirits and angles everywhere. When we move to new place, we will do something to let them know that we are going to live in that place and ask them to protect us. I’m a Buddism and I did that when we’ve moved to this house 2 weeks ago. I also have a Buddha statue which my parents gave me long ago. I put them in one back and I said I will good place for do Buddha shelf later.

Buddha shelf will save me.

To be honest, I totally forget about it. Last night when we went to bed before I fall asleep, I fill like someone pulls my blanket softly. I thought it was my boyfriend, but when I turn to him he already gets into a deep sleep. Maybe his reaction, so, I turned. I almost fell asleep for the second time, it happened again, and again for the third time. I had no idea what is it but I fell a bit scare. I prayed and then I thought about my Buddha shelf and I said tomorrow I’ll find a good and do it properly.

Buddha shelf from a Japanese shop

This morning I told my boyfriend about last night and I ask him to take me to a shop to buy something that can put all Buddha statue. We went to Suriya Land, Japanese shop on Sukhumvit road neat Pattaya floating market. I bought a wooden box, wooden tray, and little glass for put on my Buddha shelf.

It’s good to come to Suriya Land today. I have bought something for my Buddha shelf and also have little things for the house for good prices. There’s promotion 50% off from the price tag for all products. I have the shelf in half price and I also buy other things which I have no idea how and when I’m gonna use them. It’s 50% off, buy first and think later. lol.

Actually, nothing to scare last night I have found out it was my boyfriend legs moving a little bit when he falls into a deep sleep, it’s normal it happens to everybody.  Anyway, it is good to have Buddha shelf at home and pray to have peace. It’s not to protect us from a horror but it is to bring peace to us. When you pray, in all religion, you will concentrate. It’s good for doing every thing in life.

Aurevoir & See you tomorrow



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