Bonjour! What is the difference between trust and respect? Which one comes first? It’s hard to say. When you have one, another will come along. Once one has lost, another will never be found.

The difference between trust and respect

Learn to live is about learning to trust. Trust in yourself, in your ability, and people close to you. When you trust yourself, you have no limit to do whatever you are going to do. It’s worth to try to believe in yourself. Believe me, you will never be disappointed. The one who knows you the best is you, not anyone else.

Trust people, it can be worth it or worst depends on who you trust.  In my advice. Don’t trust people, or at least do not give them all. But if you have a chance to earn someone’s trust, do not break it. Once you lost it, it’s hard to get back.

Which one comes first, trust or respect.

When you learn to trust in whatever, it comes together with respect. If you realize, one can be trusted, that one worth to be respected. What is respect?  There are so many meaning for this word and cannot explain easily. It shows by action.

Self-respect is a key to live your life. Nobody will give you an honor but you will be proud of yourself. How can we know if we have self-respect? Just be yourself. If you never get yourself in trouble or you get out of any trouble easily, you win self-respect. Respect people are more difficult. It comes after self-respect. If you have respected yourself, you will be able to respect others.

You know what, both trust and respect have no rule. Do not expect to have it back when you give one or both of them to anyone or anything. They are not a mirror or boomerang when you throw it, possibly not come back. Sometimes when you have given too much, you are such a stupid for them.

Learn to build the wall from the inside. No matter how many times they’ve broken, give it again until you’ve done. Trust and respect have no price, but when you have them, they are worth it. And do not try to broke it ever again.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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