Bonjour! The item I show you today is the necessary item I have never think about. I have seen it many times on website, I think it is funny. I always wonder who is going to buy it, the easy sleeping pillow . Now I know, possibly me.

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Today I had an interview in a school. I went there early in the morning at 7.30 am. After I filled in the application form, I have to wait for an hour  before having an exam. Luckily, I brought a book to kill time.

The exam began at 9 to at 11am. I finished it at 9.30, one an a half hour before the schedule but I couldn’t leave the room. They are not allow to bring anything in the room except a pen and I have to wait for an hour. Time is super slow to pass by when you have nothing to do. I fell asleep and I was thinking about the easy sleeping pillow, I should have it with ne in the room.

When I back home, I checked on Aliexpress and have seen it. This is exactly what I wish I could have when I was sitting in the exam room. If I have it, I’m sure if I have to wait 3 hours or more, the pillow will help me. Time will fly super fast.

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My suggestion, if you know you have to wait for something for long time, you should have the easy pillow with you. This will be super cool on the plane, this pillow with comfort you when you have to taxi on a plane for hours. Or even in your work place, a pillow will support your little free time after lunch, I’m just kidding, we should not sleep while at work, right?aeProduct.getSubject ()

Anyway, even I finished the exam but I still thinking…maybe…I should order 1 or 2 right now in case of emergency. What do you think, should I have it or not?

Easy Sleeping Pillow € 8,21


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