Bonjour! The day after Shenzhen is a day for strolling around Hong Kong.  We didn’t have a plan to visit anyplace today, just spend time together and walk around our hotel.

Where I stay in HK

We stayed at The Cityview hotel near  Yu Ma Tei station, exit A2. It’s around 5 minutes from the Ladies Market. Here is Mongkok, I guess. There are many many shops in this area and always crowded all day and night.

Authentic Goods

Most of the shops in Hong Kong sell the authentic from each brand. Genuine and limited edition can be found here. Fake or copy is forbidden in Hong Kong. That’s why many people come to Hong Kong for shopping and also no tax. ^^

The Ladies Market

Hong Kong is like every city around the world which has two sides, bright and dark. Most of the shops sell the real one, but the fake one is possible to find HK. The Ladies Market is famous for cheaper stuff or ‘copy’. Original Copy is more than 50% off from the authentic at the shop. Besides ‘Original Copy’, lots of strange stuff are sold here.

The Ladies Market is located on a street in the middle of the original brands.  In my opinion, here is like a hiding dark street surrounded by beautiful and bright authentic brands. But The Ladies is not the hidden place, it is easy to find.


As I came from Thailand where we can find thousands of this kind of market around, the Ladies Market is not a new thing for me. But when you are in Hong Kong, a city full of authentic brands, the Ladies Market is like an interesting place to visit.


Checking on a different product and negotiating price must be a fun thing to do here. Anyway, avoid buying any copy or imitation products, especially of an expensive or designer product. We should not support piracy!

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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