Bonjour! Couldn’t say this is the mask, this is 3D Skeleton Skull Seamless Magic Neck Warmer Face Shield for many activities. Big discounts now on Aliexpress, shouldn’t miss!

The mask is good for many activities and also good for a motorbike. Riding a bike behind cars is like you face the big the pollution all the time. This one may not help much but it is better than nothing. If you want to buy one that really protects yourself, ask my boyfriend, GLG, he knows where to buy.

Now, trends in Bangkok, Thailand is wearing a mask. This is not fashioned at all but people need to protect themselves from pollution. Actually, the mask they wear is not this one but for writing article, this is related. Anyway, I hope the problem in Bangkok nowaday will end soon.

Let’s talk about this one, fashion mask. This is 100% breathable Polyester microfiber, transparent, and flexible. There are so many design which is allow you to have fun by changing the mask. It kinds of funny to wear the skeleton mask or scary, you decide!


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