Bonjour! My third Vlog What The Food was online yesterday on YouTube, sill super exciting each time. I would like to make it better and varied and I have found an idea when I went out with my friend.

lots to update

My best friend has come to visit me on Pattaya for a couple of days. We went to the restaurant and cafe where we used to go together. It is always nice to spend time with an old friend who shared lots of things before.  Today is the second day of her visiting and we still talk a lot. Actually, all the time, lol. It’s so many things to update to each other. 🙂

good food with good company.

As we both enjoy eating together, we spend most of the day on the table, keep eating and keep talking.  I left home at noon and came back almost midnight. But no party, no alcohol because we don’t like it. We prefer good food with good company.

WTF vlog

About my idea for WTF vlog, it comes up at dinner time when  I was in Moo Kata. I would like to do one vlog for Moo Kata. It should be very interesting. Moo Kata is like Korean barbecue combined with Chinese Hotpot. This is not a simple dinner but this is a loooong dinner. People will always spend time more than 1 hour. 

But now, before making a plan for Moo Kata Vlog, I have to go to check on my Greg now.  He doesn’t feel well and go to sleep early.  Will tell you about the vlog later.

Au revoir & See you tomorrow


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