Bonjour! Yesterday was my good simple day. Today is my normal but the best day, it was normal Sunday until the surprise coming.

Last night, we went to The Sky Gallery for my early birthday because I’m going to my hometown on my birthday, tomorrow. So, today will not have any surprise it is just a normal Sunday for me. Oh, one little different is I didn’t have a class, It’s my free day.

I did not expect to have any birthday gift this year. We have just bought a new house 2 months ago, we agreed it’s the gift for our birthday and for our Christmas gift as well.  Last night with my favorite drink was perfect.

We are about to have dinner as usual at our favorite French restaurant ‘Pumpui’. Nothing unusual, everything seems normal today. After we have made an order, the little boss of Pumpui restaurant, the owner’s son’ handed me a beautiful bunch of flowers. It’s from my boyfriend, Greg. How’s sweet he is!

He has made an order for a charcuterie and sweet after. I have no idea when and how he managed the little surprise for my birthday, but it makes my day. Thank you so much for the nice and romantic moment, the best boyfriend ever. ^^

The nice moment has finished with happiness. But the night is still young and we have a big match waiting. We are continuing our romantic time watching the final match between France and Croatia tonight. Tell you tomorrow how’s the game and who’s the winner, what’s do you think?

Au revoir & see you tomorrow.



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