Bonjour! Today is Saturday. It’s weekend, again. Morning is for the class with my lovely students. Then, lunch with my best friend before she back to Bangkok. It’s a nice and rainy day.

The Morning class and the weather

The weather is quite strange in Pattaya. It was Sunny, super sunny this morning. It was like it’s not going to rain today at all. While we were having a pre-test, one of the questions is What’s the weather like today? We looked outside and we all agree it’s sunny.  After the class finish, it was really big rain. So, today is not sunny, it’s rainy. My students said that’s good to finish before raining because the answer may not be correct, lol.

Keep eating and keep talking


I went out for lunch with my friend after class. Guess where we went! Somtum Thong Lor again. My friend will leave me today, it’s her last day in Pattaya. So, I took her for real Somtum before she leaves for work aboard. Actually, she never asks for anything, it was me for all of this, haha. She is such an easy going person. We went out together almost every day for years before she’s changed her job. I will miss you until we meet again! 🙂

Somtum Thong Lor

So, what’s about lunch. We went to Somtum Thong Lor at Soi Khao Talo, Pattaya. Here is the best place for Somtum. We had 2 different kinds of Somtum which are good as always. I really really like this place and I like to take everyone here. I think I have talked about this place so many times on my blog.

After lunch, we went for other places for shopping. Then I dropped her at the station on Sukhumvit Road to go to Bangkok. I was always nice spending time with you, my friend. Until we meet again.

Au revoir & See you tomorrow


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