Bonjour! I have no idea what I’m going to write on the blog today. Things have happened today but I don’t know which one is the best one to share on my blog. Maybe the drowning story!

The unexpected weather this morning

Started with the unexpected weather this morning. I was crazy checking the sky outside since I put my cloth in the washing machine. I was strong sunshine in the morning but after I hung all the cloth outside, the sky was very dark. So, I took them inside and then, the sun shines so brightly. It happened 2 times before I gave up and left them in the kitchen. Then, it’s raining cat and dog.

Drowning my car

When we went out for lunch, it still rains. Heavy rain causes flooding on several roads including the road in front of our village. The water was not so hight when we passed that road. But when we come back, the Water level has already increased. With a small car like mine, MG3, we could not make it. c. The engine stopped working in the middle of the flooding road. What the FUnny day!

We tried to move the car out of the road but it cannot move. Luckily, there are nice people stop to help us moved it out from the road. That’s very kind of them, I would love to say Thank you to all of them again but it was so busy at that moment, I don’t even have time to ask their name.

After we pushed the car to a dry area, I tried to call MG Service Center and they sent the tow truck to take my fainted car to MG Service Center in Pattaya. I have no idea how much damage inside but it will not work well like before. Need to find out tomorrow. Enough for today, the FUnny day ever.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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