Bonjour! It’s Wednesday again, the day for a new vlog on What The Food and hamburger. Geek Shop Thailand has bought us a hamburger tonight!

What The Food


New vlog, What The Food, about food releases every Wednesday on YouTube. For this week, it’s about coffee. We’re showing you another nice cafe in Pattaya. Ordinary coffee is one of my favorite cafes. It located at the end of the railroad in Huay Yai, near Pattaya Floating Market.

It’s quite far from where we live but we came here quite often. I used to come here at least 3 times a week but I stopped after they’ve changed the barista. It was not bad when they’ve changed but I prefer the old barista. I didn’t come for months. The day we did the vlog, it was the first time after months break. Lucky me, my favorite barista ever was there. So, my Iced Mocha on that day was so so good. See more on my vlog, the man at the counter is the best. 🙂

Geek Shop Thailand

As you know or maybe not but I will tell you now, we have opened our Geek Shop Thailand on Facebook this week. It seems to be good, we have already sold some very quickly. Three customers are in Pattaya where we can deliver by ourselves and have cash on delivery without any fee. That’s good. So that we can pay our hamburger tonight. yeah!

The Wednesday’s hamburger

This is our Wednesday routine, burger for dinner at the same time in the same restaurant. The waitresses remember us and our menu. They say hello and  ‘2 Burgers and Coke zero!’ before we even sit down. They are always friendly here and our hamburger is always good. But something different tonight, the bread is a little bit crispy. Maybe they have new kitchen stuff or maybe they’ve changed the chef.  It’s a burger, we enjoy it anyway. ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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