Bonjour! Happy Monday to all. How was your weekend? For me, my weekend went well. I have a tutoring class from 10 to 12 in the morning as always. I have a friend come to visit me in Pattaya, we’re friends since high school.

A friend of mine

Image may contain: 1 person, beach, ocean, sky, outdoor and nature My friend and her husband had their weekend off, so they decided to come to Pattaya for a couple days. She is one of my close friends since high school.  We didn’t meet for a year. Last time was our group meeting in Bangkok. We met at a friend’s house to cook and have dinner together, that’s was fun. But this time, we did cook because I don’t have any kitchen stuff for cooking. If she wants to have noodles, I can cook for her.  Unfortunately, she refuses.. lol. So, We have moved around Pattaya for a restaurant. Somtum, of course! Let’s talk about Somtum, the best one in Pattaya is ‘Somtun Thong Lor’. I took every friend who comes to visit me in Pattaya here and everyone said the same thing, it’s a very good one. I think I should make a video about Somtum on my WTF: What the Food. Maybe next week after Detective Conan Cafe. What do you think? Would you like to see Somtum?

Have you known Somtum?

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ ส้มตำ     Somtum or papaya salad is a very famous Thai spicy salad. You can see everywhere in Thailand. There are so many kinds of Somtum, we can mix with seafood, rice noodle, or fruit. There is also the different level of spicy, super spicy, spicy, not too spicy, or not spicy.  For me, I always ask ‘ not too spicy’. Sometimes, I request only 2 or 3 chilis. Somtum is really spicy food. It’s my favorite food in the whole world, even they often make me cry. lol.

‘Mai phed’

If you come to Thailand, I recommend you to try Somtum at least one time. Somtum is not always kind even for Thai people. For your safety, you should ask them to make it ‘not spicy’.  A useful word you should practice to say before you come to Thailand is ‘Mai phed’, it means ‘not spicy’.  When you order Thai food, don’t forget to say ‘ Mai phed’. ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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