Bonjour! After I quit my job, a school teacher, for work from home for myself. My daily routine has changed so much. It is hard to say which is better, it’s different. I find the benefits of either working in the office or working from home.

Working from home

I quit my job after the last semester’s finished and start to work for myself, work from home. It’s absolutely on me, I’m the one who controls my life. I don’t have exactly timetable, I just have what I have to do lists. I can wake up whenever I want, spend all morning reading a novel or doing little housework.

My office is just a table with a computer, it’s on the first floor of my own house. I do not have to dress up and rush to work. I can stay in pajamas all morning and also can work with my messy hair. I can relax, watching TV when I want to. And if I have to go somewhere, I can go immediately.

It sounds like work from home is better. It is, but you have to control yourself and push yourself to work and do whatever you need to do for life. No one will come to push you and if you’re not pushing yourself, it will not be good. You are the boss, you can control all, even the risk is also depends on you.

Working in the office

When I was a school teacher, I wake up so early. Schools in Thailand start in the early morning around 7:40 am. As a teacher, we need to arrive before 7:30, so I normally wake up at 6 am. I was controlled by a schedule, exactly like all office worker. It’s good to wake up early, time is exactly fixed for everything. Work from Monday to Friday, and after finished school, it’s free time.

It is also good to have a schedule, I’ve just followed my timetable. Like that, you know exactly what you will do and when. As a teacher, it’s nice to meet my students and teacher friends. I have seen many different situations at school, that was fun. At the end of the day when you back home, it really feels like your work finish, it’s time to relax.

The timetable will always push you to do a thing even you like it or not. But when I wanted to do something personally likes go to bank, hospital, or visited my family, it’s not so convenient. I cannot just leave whenever I need, I have to wait for weekend or holiday.

Like I said it is hard to say which is better, work in office or work from home for yourself. We will always find advantage in whatever we do. No matter what kind of work you have, if it makes you happy, It’s good for you.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow.



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