Bonjour! My today’s morning started with breakfast and a book in my hand. It was a super nice morning for me, slow eating and reading at the same time. Super Nice!

I had yogurt with cereal and a hot drink for breakfast but that’s not the point. The point of a good morning is reading a good book ^^ and spend unlimited time with it.

I have talked about some of my favorites books which is helping me improve my English skill on my blog.  I like to read a novel in English because it is quite easy to read. Except ‘Game of Throne’ series, I gave up after the first chapter of book number one and bought it in Thai version instead.

The book I have read this morning is in Thai version because it is quite hard to understand even written in Thai. The book is about world history translated from ‘The Mental Floss History of the World: An Irreverent Romp through Civilization’s Best Bits’.  

It is a world history but it’s totally different from what we have learned from a ‘world history textbook’ in school. On the cover of the Thai version is written ‘Not sleepy edition’ on it and it is. This book is a super nice book for studying history. I think to myself I should read this when I was studying the world history in school.

Back in school, I really like to study the world history, it was interesting and fun to know what happened in the past. I fancy the history of ancient Egypt, the Hittites, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, the Persian Empire, ancient Greece, Vikings and etc. I was very impressed by their name. 

About the world history book, I’m reading this time, it’s absolutely not a sleepy book. The writers are great, they wrote it in their own word which is easy to read and easy to follow the story. I felt like I have just read another kind of novel book. This book should be on the list of your external reading if you are a student. It will help you in your history class. Even for an adult like me, it’s worth to have in hand for relaxation and of course for educating myself.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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