Bonjour! I’m still in Hong Kong, the 4th day of my holiday. Strolling at the Ladies Market last night to see lots of cool stuff and imitation goods.  So, today might be the time for the original one.

Many Brands in Hong Kong

I’m not into any luxury brands, I don’t have enough money, of course. That’s a painful joke, TT. What if I have enough, no doubt to buy one or two, three, maybe four, five, six …… For now, general brans is okay!


Xiaomi Brands

Have you ever heard about a Chinese high tech brand, Xiaomi? I have some products from this bands which I really use in my daily life, as a smartphone, smartwatch, notebook, and bag. Also, home product likes robot vacuum, handy vacuum, electric fan, coffee machine, blender and etc. Oh, I should say I used many Xiaomi product. And if you wonder which one is good, let’s check on my boyfriend YouTube channel, GLG Review. He did so many good reviews of Xiaomi’s and Chinese phones, lol or check on  ^^


Xiaomi store is Chinese Apple Store

I have heard about Xiaomi for 2 years because of my boyfriend, GLG. We have been to Xiaomi Store in Shenzhen, China. I can say Xiaomi Store is the Chinese Apple Store with more products. As my work is related to Xiaomi’s, I offer a coupon code for Xiaomi stuff on, I have seen many cool products from this bands. But you will not see all in Xiaomi Store.

I have been to two different Xiaomi Store, one in Shenzhen and another one in Hong Kong. The store in Shenzhen is bigger than HK, more products display in the shop. I remember the Store in Hong Kong, it was a small place hiding in a building. We need to take the elevator, like many shops in Hong Kong.

Xiaomi Store in Hong Kong

Today, I have found a new Xiaomi Store in Mong Kong, Hong Kong, it could be the Chinese Apple Store. This store is in the angle of the main road, it’s a very big store compare to all the other shops. This Xiami Store sells many products include Mi Home. There are so many customers inside, you need to wait in a long line for take your order and make a payment. Even for entering the store, please line up on the street outside. It’s crazy! But it happened.

Anyway, Xiaomi product is amazing, you need to try one and you will like it.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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